The goal of the Live Y’ers after-school program is to provide activities that increase the potential of each child to succeed by enhancing their overall development and increasing their effectiveness in dealing with their responsibility in school and life.

Our program is designed to provide a fun yet safe atmosphere where your child will feel loved and valued. Our schedule provides a daily balance between activities that focus on strengthening the spirit, mind and body of the participants. In addition, children are expected to develop some basic life skills in the program including such simple tasks as peeling their own oranges by the end of their first year in the program. We are also very sensitive in the design of our program to support the family both through routine family activity nights and through homework time during program hours so that weekday evenings are freed up for quality family time.

We as caregivers appreciate the difficult job of parenting and wish to partner with you to ensure that your youngster has the opportunity to develop to their greatest potential. We have an open-door policy in the Sheridan County YMCA Live Y’ers Program. Parents are encouraged to visit and are welcome at all times – come swimming or just join us in the gym.


Session Dates

Open during the school year, Monday through Friday.
2:00 pm – 5:45 pm

Closed on school holidays.

Contact Tyler Rogers for more information.