Youth Swim Lessons


Parent / Child Swim Lessons

Share with your child their first pool experiences.  With the assistance of an instructor, guide your child through social interaction, water enrichment and readiness for future aquatic activities.  Help build your child’s comfort level in the water while being in the safety of your arms…

Ages: 6 months to 3 years
Sessions: 3-week sessions, Tuesday and Thursday see schedule for program dates


Swim School Ages 3 & Up

Through competent and caring Y instructors, children enjoy the experience of moving their bodies through the water while developing swimming skills that will keep them water safe.

Ages: 3 years and older
Sessions: 3-week sessions, Monday & Wednesday, Tuesday & Thursday, or Monday through Thursday; see schedule for program dates
  • 10:15-10:45AM (Monday, Wednesday only)
  • 10:30 – 11:00AM (Tuesday, Thursday)
  • 4:00-4:30 PM   (Monday, Wednesday) (Tuesday, Thursday)
  • 4:35-5:05 PM   (Monday, Wednesday) (Tuesday, Thursday)
  • 5:10-5:40 PM   (Monday, Wednesday) (Tuesday, Thursday)


Discover Scuba

Explore a whole new world!  Discover Scuba is a PADI program that allows people to try scuba-diving.  All equipment is provided and there is no further commitment unless you decide you want more instruction and fun experiences.  Discover what scuba is all about!

Ages: 8 years and older
Sessions:  see schedule for program dates/times.

Scuba Dive Certification

If you’ve always been interested in the adventure of scuba diving or are planning a tropical vacation, this certification might interest you.  It includes independent study (with book or CD-ROM); 2 hours classroom time; pool time; all equipment rental and instruction.  This class is confined water portion only.  Completion of certification follows open water dive.

 Ages: 10 years and older
Sessions: Friday 6-9 p.m. at High Mountain Divers
               Saturday & Sunday at they Y. See schedule for program dates/times.

Masters Seal Team

Masters Seal Team offers specialized advanced Aqua Missions such as underwater navigation and night diving.  What’s an Aqua Mission?  It’s an underwater pool adventure!  Participants must have completed PADI Seal Team to instructor’s satisfaction in order to participate in the Masters Seal Team.  Specific missions will be scheduled each week.

Ages: 8-12 years
Sessions: Saturday.   See schedule for program dates/times.