Adult Sports and Recreation

adult basketball
BASKETBALL—year round, join in for a game of adult pick-up basketball over the lunch hour.  For youth basketball, see Youth Sports.
Time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday; noon

PICKLEBALL—a combination of badminton, tennis and ping-pong.  This game is slower than tennis but is challenging and provides healthy exercise.  Come make some friends while learning a new and invigorating sport!

Open Pickleball Days & Times:
See Gym Schedules on the Schedule page for pickleball times and days

RACQUETBALL—ages 16 & older; courts available

You can now reserve racquetball courts #1 and #3 for the month of March!  Please restrict all reservations to 1-hour time slots per day. Court #2 will remain available for walk-in users.

Reserve your racquetball court HERE

SOCCER—ages 14 & older.  For youth soccer, see Youth Sports.
PICK-UP SOCCER – Tuesday Nights 6:30-8:30pm; Saturday mornings 8:00-10:00am in Gym 2. Have fun and get your exercise in the Y way of recreational soccer.
NOON SOCCER—adult soccer played over the lunch hour. Time: Wednesday, Friday noon-1:15