Volunteer Opportunties

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The work that is done by volunteers generates a tremendous spirit in the Y.  Volunteers recognize and act on a need with an attitude of social responsibility and without concern of compensation.  They are involved experimenters, activists and dreamers, and put their energies where their beliefs are.

Volunteering for the Y can help people feel needed, connected and committed to something meaningful.  Won’t you consider offering your special talents to the Y?  You WILL make a difference in the lives of children, adults and families.

There are many types of Y volunteers, all equally valuable in providing leadership, support, and/or expertise to our program and administrative operations.

Policy volunteers: serve on the Y Board and are recruited from the community and the membership.  They set policy, lead efforts in fund-raising, ensure a fiscally sound operation, and hire the executive director.

Committee volunteers: can be found helping out in groups that relate to Human Resources, Membership/Program, Investments, Plant and Properties, and Campaigns.  They are often behind the scenes but their work is vital.

Program volunteers: have direct contact with Y members or people in the community and may be a program leader, a coach or someone who helps with member service or childcare.

Share with us your interests in becoming involved as a volunteer by filling out a volunteer application and returning it to the Y front member service desk.   We will strive to find an opportunity of interest in which you may become engaged.

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