Charitable Giving

“Give Your Heart to a Child” — Our Annual Campaign

The purpose of our annual “Give Your Heart to a Child” campaign is to raise awareness and support for creating scholarship opportunities for low-income youth, families and seniors. 
 hugging kids
The campaign allows us to tell the YMCA story in a way that is compelling.  Each of the more than 100 campaigners visit face-to-face with over 600 Friends of the Y, sharing benefits of participating in programs and membership. 

The Sheridan County YMCA is committed to providing access to all individuals regardless of their ability to pay.  We believe our programs in Health & Wellness, Arts, Camp, Sports, Swim Lessons and others change people’s lives.  Our cause is to invite community partners, through their charitable support, to help make Sheridan a great place to live for all people.

The annual “Give Your Heart to a Child” campaign offers five different designs for our large banners.  Each donor of $1,000 or more has a banner displayed at the Y.  The banners convey a message that at the Y we value and place importance on young people, that we honor the role that community non-profits play in building bright futures, that we learn, grow, lead and serve together and that we are all proud of Sheridan.  Additionally, all donors are recognized on donor boards located in the main lobby of the Y.