Aerobics & Dance

step aerobics


Dance Fitness/Zumba—Immerse your body in dance rhythms and fun moves to music.  This energetic workout is fun in a carefree, party-like atmosphere.  A great cardio and mental challenge!



Group Active—This is perfect if you are new to exercise, have not exercised in a long time or are very busy and need to get everything in at one time.  Group Active draws from all four elements of fitness: cardio, strength, balance and flexibility.  It incorporates the step, adjustable weights and inspiring music to keep you motivated and coming back.

 group cycling


Group Cycling—Come and join the cycling team and have fun!  This non-impact aerobic workout motivates people of all fitness levels as individuals learn to pace themselves.  Upbeat music and instructors assist participants in pedaling through a variety of riding modes and techniques.