Resident Camp

Memories in the Making

Resident Camp…the flicker of the camp fire, the wind in the pines, the moon in the heavens, the stars that shine.  A place where all can gather to make friends and build a camp community.  spend some time at Resident Camp where friendships are strengthened, discoveries are made and campers go home with memories that will last a lifetime.

The Y welcomes all who wish to participate and believes that no one should be denied access to the Y based on their ability to pay. Through our Partnership with Youth Scholarship Program, the Sheridan County YMCA provides assistance to youth, adults and families based on individual needs and circumstances.  Please click HERE for a scholarship application form.


 Youth Resident Camp

Ages 9-11

June 25-30 * July 16-21 * August 6-11

Discover the magic of camp and enjoy fun activities in the great outdoors.   Activities provide new friendships, adventure and      personal growth creating days as unique as each of our campers.

All youth camps offered at Y Resident camp are co-ed.  Campers will be assigned to gender specific cabins with counselors in each cabin.  Campers gain independence as they spend 6 days and 5 nights away from home in an atmosphere committed to building healthy youth.   Campers learn responsibility as they take care of themselves  and  their  belongings  (with proper guidance),  and  gain respect for

others as they share a living space with fellow campers.  Campers learn to live the core values of the YMCA


in terms of themselves, others and  the environment.  The value of Y Camp extends well beyond the camp session.

Fee:  $275

Up-A-Notch Teen Camp

Ages  12-13

June 25-30 * July 16-21 * August 6-11

Up-A-Notch Teen Camp is the ultimate summer camp experience for teens.  This is the camp our youth campers look forward to as they near the teenage years.  Many of our activities remain traditional but with a higher level of adventure and skill.  Up-A-Notch camp weeks includes resident campers ages 9-11 and throughout the day there will be a blend of all camp activities, shared meals, shared bunkhouses and shared counselors.  There are specific activities for the older campers signed up for Up A Notch Camp as well as an   opportunity to spend a night under the stars  in the great outdoors. Our focus is still the same: the values and lessons taught at camp help each child to grow in Spirit, Mind and Body, and contribute to the building of memories that last a lifetime.

Fee:   $275

Camp Frontier

Ages 10-13 * July 30-Aug. 4

Travel back to the 1800’s.  Frontier Camp is a week long experience for those who would like to experience the life of a mountain man by traveling back to the 1800’s. Campers will explore the contributions mountain men like Jim Bridger or Daniel Boone made to the growth of our country.   Campers will pitch in and enjoy activities  such  as  stories  around  the  campfire,  dutch oven cooking, blacksmithing, gold panning and much more.  Great

adventure, great, fun, great learning.

Fee:   $275

 Basic Backpacking

Ages: 12-13   *  July 9-13

This camp is aimed at the younger, perhaps less experienced hiker.  If you want to share in the adventure of backpacking, we encourage you to sign up for this trip and challenge yourself to a fun and rewarding experience.  We will learn the basics of backpacking while based at YMCA of the Bighorns Camp Roberts and work our way up to an amazing 3-day/2 night backpacking trip.  Enjoy s’mores, campfires and majestic views on this fun-filled introduction to backpacking. This is an introductory backpacking expedition, and all you will need is an adventurous spirit! No previous experience is necessary.  Fee:   $275

Wilderness Backpacking 

Ages:  13-15  *  July 30-Aug. 4

If you are a true outdoor adventure seeking enthusiast you will want to join us while we explore the wonderland with high mountain meadows,  huge  clear  lakes  and  stunning  mountain  peaks.   While

previous backpacking experience is encouraged it is not required.  Join us if you have an understanding of your physical ability to carry a backpack, camp in a tent under  stars and share in a group setting. As a group you will actively participate in all that is necessary to keep a clean, environmentally healthy campsite.  Fee:   $275

Trout Masters

Ages:   9-15 *  July 30-Aug. 4

Cast a fly. Drown a worm.  Get your feet wet.  The Bighorn Mountains and surrounding area are a fisherman’s paradise and we are excited to share some of its great fishing with our campers.  This camp is designed for all skill levels with a variety of activities. Come learn basic spin fishing and fly fishing, understand the aquatic life of a fish, what they eat during the year, habitat, basic lure-making and basic fly-tying. We’ll be fishing at many great locations ranging from Camp Roberts stocked trout pond to many trout packed fresh water streams and lakes.   Fee:   $275

 Art Nomads

Ages: 9-15 * July 9-13

What is Art?  Where is Art?  Where is it not?

Uncover and explore the life of art.  Several local artists will provide insight and support to discover several genres of art. View the world through their eyes, tools, habitat, and story!  Know more, see more, feel more as everyday life takes on a new hue!

Fee:    $275

 Learn to Shoot  /  Hunter Safety Course

Ages 12-15 * July  9-13

A riflery/archery camp teaches kids calm deliberation and concentration.  Because of the nature of riflery/archery, attention to detail is also cultivated in each camper.  Y Camp has devised ways to make the activity more enjoyable through end of camp competitions or getting to take home their first bullseye.  Before shooting campers are given courses on firearm safety, how not to handle a gun and the basics of marksmanship.   Because safety  is  the  primary concern, riflery camps are offered to older campers ages 12-15.  At this time we are pursuing offering a Hunter Safety Course during this camp.

Shooting camp is designed to ensure safety and strict rules are enforced.

Fee:  $275.00